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June 17th, 2013 by Dennis Fuqua

Giving Myself to Prayer

My Summer schedule is typically more flexible than the rest of my year.  So, I get to ask God if He has any specific Summer assignments for me.  This year He gave me a couple.  One is to “give myself to prayer.”  Now you may not think that is unusual, given my ministry responsibilities.  But, the specific sense I got from this assignment was to mark out significant time during my work day for prayer.  To see prayer as part of my daily job description.

I pray regularly in the morning – both individually and with Marilyn.  I pray several times a week with others.  And I pray several times throughout the day for various reasons.  But, until recently, I did not have specific time marked out in my work day for prayer.  So, this Summer, I get to “give myself to prayer” in a fresh way.  As part of this call, I have encouraged others at US Digital Outreach Center (where my office is located) to join me.

There are about 35 ministries and 75 people who office in this place. (It’s a great story!  If you don’t know about it, check it out here – though this video is a bit dated.)  While I was praying in the Skylight Conference Room here at the Center (pictured below), I remembered Exodus 30:7-8, which I recently read.  There Aaron was commanded to burn incense each morning and evening.  Of course, from Rev 5:8, incense represents the prayers of the saints.  The idea came to me that, together, we could do the same in the Skylight Conference Room.  So, we are working on having at least one person in the room praying each workday morning from 8:00-8:30am and each workday evening from 4:30-5:00pm.  We are over half way there already!

During these times we will worship Jesus, pray for ministries we care about, pray for US Digital, and for God’s work in Clark County.

Might the Lord be calling you to “give yourself to prayer” more intentionally?  If so, what would that look like in your life?  What could it look like where you minister or work?

Skylight Conference Room


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  1. Aaron Hayes says

    Thank you Dennis. Im listening…

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