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July 9th, 2013 by Dennis Fuqua

Summit Relationships

Marilyn and I just enjoyed a couple weeks away at our rather secluded property on the Puget Sound.  We put a used 35’ travel trailer (now it is clearly a former travel trailer!) on it in 1999.  Over the years we put a deck on it and a roof over it.  It is our get-away.  This is also where we do “Cousin’s Camp.”  But more on that on another post.

Our "former" travel trailer

For a variety of reasons we have never spend more than a few nights there in a row… until this summer.  We just spend two weeks and three weekends there.

It was a wonderful combination of work and rest; visiting and hibernating; vacation and ministry; and of “just us” and family.

One of the surprises was a call from a friend I first met in high school.  After I was pastoring in Gig Harbor, I heard he came to Christ in a powerful way.  He later attended Multnomah and went overseas as a Christian Worker.  In the 1990’s he came back home and pastored the nearby church he was saved in.  I moved away in 2000.  He later returned overseas.

His call resulted in more time spent together.  In fact, the four of us sat down for lunch one day and didn’t stop talking until about 6:20pm!

It was a delightful time.  We talked ministry, family, bible, pleasant times and groans.

One of the stories he told was how he became very close to a certain pastor I also knew.  It was not a surprise they knew each other.  How close they were was a bit of a surprise.

When I asked about how they got to know each other, he pointed to the first Prayer Summit he attended with us in 1993.
The refreshing part of this story for me was the wonderful reminder that this story not only could be repeated but is repeated in about 300 cities across the world where Prayer Summits have taken place.  We tend to think of the “success” of a summit in terms of personal impact or community impact.  This one was neither.  This was a relationship between two brothers that began at a summit 20 years ago and has not stopped.

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