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September 6th, 2013 by Dennis Fuqua

Prayer and His Presence

Much of what International Renewal Ministries and Clark County Prayer Connect is involved with and known for relates to prayer. Prayer Summits, Living Prayer Seminars, “encountering God” through prayer.  Teaching on prayer, preaching on prayer.  Facilitating prayer retreats, weekends of prayer, and days of prayer.  Corporate prayer and individual prayer.  Listening prayer, Scriptural prayer,  Encouraging more and better prayer by and for people.  This is all good and we are delighted to respond to this calling.

But what is not always mentioned is that we do not see prayer as the ultimate desired destination.  Rather, it is the vehicle to the destination. The destination is not simply trying to get more people to be engaged in more prayer.  The desired destination must be more of His presence and power released in and through individuals, congregations, and communities.  There can be no better destination.

This is clearly seen in the familiar chapter were Moses asks God to show him His glory, Exodus 33.  God announces to His leader that he is on his own.  He will fulfill His promise (they will enter the “Promised Land”) and He will even send an angel to defeat their enemies and get them there.  But He, Himself will not be making the trip.  If we heard God tell us that He would fulfill His promise to us, send an angel to us, and even defeat our enemies, we would probably rejoice.  But that was not the response of the Israelites.  These words did not cause joy.  They caused great distress.  They were “disastrous words!”  Why? Because the great things God was cgoing to do did not include His presence going with them! (Exodus 33:1-4)

Later in this chapter, because of Moses’ prayers, God agrees to go with His people.  As Moses was exhaling a sigh of relief, he asked God a rhetorical question.  “What else will distinguish me and Your people from all the other people on the face of the earth?” (Exodus 33:16)

The lack of His presence in and through His people is disastrous!  The manifest presence of God in and through His people is what distinguishes us from others.

The destination we long for is more of Him.  The vehicle that can get us to that destination is prayer.

Thank you, Tychicus

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  1. Profound truth! How is it that we make the means the end? What a life-giving difference it makes when prayer and the Word are ALL about PRESENCE and FELLOWSHIP.

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