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April 21st, 2014 by Dennis Fuqua

Quite a Bug!

Wow!  That “bug” was brutal!  For 2 full weeks I was in “existence” mode.

There has only been one other time in all my years of facilitating Prayer Summits that I missed any sessions due to illness.  But while I was in So. Mass. recently, facilitating the Prayer Summit for Rhode Island pastors, I was infected by something that I don’t remember experiencing before.

I remember this pesky little cough on Tuesday and by Wednesday evening, I had to just stay in bed.  I missed the session on Thursday morning as well.  I didn’t really hurt, I was just totally drained of all energy.  Something was different with my lungs.

So, as I was laying on my bed realizing that I would not be able to facilitate the afternoon session, I thought the best place I could be was home.  I called the airline and found out I could move my flight up one day.  So, I canceled the leadership meeting scheduled for Thursday evening and flew across the county, getting home Thursday night instead of Friday night.

You don’t need a blow by blow description, but suffice it to say, I was good for not much for another 12 days.  The only symptom was near total fatigue.  Existence mode is my best description.  It wasn’t until the 14th day (last Wednesday) that I felt like I was alive again.

Now, here is my confession!  What prayers I prayed were very weak and I spent very little time reading His Word.  At first I had these thoughts of being able to do some extra praying and maybe even some extra study time.  Nope!  Nada.
The only thing that sustained me (spiritually) during these days was the Scripture I already had in my heart and mind.  I was able to meditate and gain nourishment from that.

If there is a point to this…  here it is.  Get Scripture into your system any way you can, while you can.  Study it, memorize it, read it, listen to it.  There may be a time when all you can do is recall what you have put into your system.

Thank you, Tychicus

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