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December 7th, 2014 by Dennis Fuqua

Here it is…

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All during the time I pastored, one of the most fulfilling things I was privileged to do was to spend much time in God’s Word.  After all, “It was my job!”  It was a joy to regularly share God’s Word with God’s people.  Over the years of my preaching, I noticed a change.  Toward the beginning, I preached what I studied.  Later I preached what I had meditated upon.  This was not an intentional change for me.  I noticed in as I looked backward.  Meditation is how God’s Spirit writes God’s Word on the hearts of God’s people.

In May of this year (2014) as I was preaching on the topic of Biblical meditation, I spontaneously said something like, “This is not a message I just prepared last week.  This is something that has been in my life for about 45 years.”  As soon as I said that, I felt that prompt from the Lord that said, “Yes, and it’s time you write about it.”

So, my “Summer project” – that lasted well into the Fall – was to write something to help others dive into Biblical meditation.  The end result is Experiencing Life and Power through Biblical Meditation.  I encourage you to take a look at it.  You can read some samples of it here.  The regular list price is only $12.99.  But the special INTRODUCTORY PRICE is just $10!  And we will pay the shipping anywhere in the U.S.A.

Thank you, Tychicus

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