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December 14th, 2014 by Dennis Fuqua

Behold He is Coming

Christmas Carols are wonderful tools to help us “Worship Christ, the Newborn King.”  Generally there is greater depth to them then many other songs.  This morning as I was spending some time praying, I thought and  prayed through some of my favorites.  I did the same with a new one a friend of mine wrote.  Gary Parrett has been a friend for about 40 years.  Along the way he earned his Doctorate at Columbia University and taught at Gordon-Conwell Seminary, one of the most respected schools in the nation.  He has also written scores of song.  Most of them are modern hymns. Below is his explanation and the lyrics to this “new favorite” Christmas Carol of mine.  I encourage you to ponder it a bit and worship with it.

Thank you, Tychicus

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Behold, He is coming!

Text: Gary A. Parrett (2002)


This hymn was written for the Advent season. The tune, ADESTE FIDELES is, of course, familiar to us in the carol, “O Come, All ye Faithful.” The tune provides a tie-in with the theme of coming, but the emphasis is quite different. Instead of us coming to adore the infant King, this Advent hymn is a prayer that Jesus will come soon— as conquering King. The season of Advent ties together our hope for the second coming with our confidence based on the reality of the first coming. Using this tune is a reminder of that connection.

The key biblical texts that I had in mind as I wrote are Colossians 3:3-4 and Revelation 22:17. But I also had in mind multiple themes and promises related to the second coming—justice and comfort and deliverance and transformation. Romans 8:18ff is the key passage for verse 3.  Verse 4 is a paraphrase of the Lord’s Prayer. Instead of, “Give us this day our daily bread,” I have “Grant us a foretaste of our feast in glory.” Some scholars have argued that this is the real meaning of that petition. In any case, the Lord’s Prayer is clearly eschatological in tone and thus very appropriate for Advent.

 Behold, He is coming—Christ, the King of glory.

Amen, as He once came, He shall come again!

Then in great meekness; soon in pow’r and splendor.

(women): The Spirit and the Bride say,

(men): the saints in all the earth say,

(all): we all, in one accord, say,

“Come, Lord! Amen.”


Come and establish justice for the peoples.

All of your judgments, Lord, are righteous and true.

Come and deliver ev’ry slave from bondage. . . .



Come and transform us into your own likeness.

All of creation groans, awaiting the Day.

Our lives, now hid, shall be revealed in glory. . . .



Thy kingdom, come, Lord. May thy will be done, Lord

here on the earth as in heaven above.

Grant us a foretaste of our feast in glory.



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