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March 30th, 2015 by Dennis Fuqua

Palm Sunday and Prayer Monday

Palm Sunday is a reminder of some wonderful events in Jesus’ life.  It was a “pre-enactment” of His second coming.  He was received as King, the whole city was talking about Him, and He received a portion of the praise He will one day receive.  It is wonderful that many in the Church today recognize this day.

But not much is mentioned about what happens next.  Mark 11 tell us that on Monday, Jesus reenters the city, this time without fanfare.  Making His way to the temple, He causes quite a stir by over-throwing the tables and driving out the money-changers.  Jesus leaves not doubt about why He did these things.  He ties two prophetic scriptures together – Is 56:7 and Jer 7:11.

“My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations…  but you have made it a den of robbers.”House of Prayer

It is very good that we remember Palm Sunday.  And it is equally good that we remember what could be called Prayer Monday.  Jesus’ simple statement has much meaning.

  • The desire of the Father is that His house would be known as a house of prayer.  That is, He wants the place where He dwells to be a place where there is lots of good, healthy communication taking place between Him and the others who live there.  New Testament Scriptures are clear that His Temple refers to both individual followers (1 Cor 6:19) and the gathering of His followers (1 Cor 3:16).  Are our lives and are our congregations marked by lots of good, healthy communication with God?
  • There should be equal access for everyone to this place of prayer.  The phrase “for all nations” is not a call for God’s people to pray for all the different nations (though that is an excellent thing to do) so much as it is a warning that all people – people in all ages and stages of life – should be not only invited but encouraged to enter this place of prayer.  Everyone should be included.  No one should be excluded.
  • We, as people, have the capacity to thwart God’s desires.  The words “but… you” should cause us to pause.  “But” is a contrast.  God has a clear desire… but.  His desires are not always fulfilled.  With the next word – “you” – Jesus places the responsibility for God’s unfulfilled desires squarely on the shoulders of the people in front of Him.  They are the ones who redesigned God’s house.  God wanted it to be one thing.  They made it something else.
  • The result of this remake of God’s house is that everyone was robbed.  God was robbed of good fellowship with His people.  Some people lost physical and spiritual opportunity.  And others lost the opportunity to lead people into a better relationship with God.

It is so right that we remember and rejoice in Palm Sunday.  It is right that we let the truth of that day live on.  And it is right that we remember “Prayer Monday.”  May we, our lives personally and our lives together, be a clear demonstration that we are in good, healthy, frequent communication with the Father.

Thank you, Tychicus

(See Eph 6:21)

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One Response to “Palm Sunday and Prayer Monday”
  1. Dan Small says

    Amen! Praying today for a cleansing of my own temple of the mercenary, self-seeking “squatters” who prevent my heart from being a wide open “house of prayer for all nations.”

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