"Tychicus will tell you everything." Ephesians 6:21

January 30th, 2016 by Dennis Fuqua


I have many people in my life that I get to relate to on a regular basis.  I get to do life with them.  Some of them daily, some weekly or at least monthly.  Of course, Marilyn is at the top of that list.  My kids, grandkids, people at church, partners in ministry, etc. fall into that group as well.

Then there are people with whom I have had that kind of relationship with in the past, but now, because of changing life events, I don’t have as much contact with.

But every now and then, we get to reconnect.  Recently, I have been able to reconnect with some “old friends.”

  • A “Radical Missionary guy” I met about 13 years ago.
  • A pastorof a church a long ways from where I live, where I have ministered on a few occasions.
  • A high school buddy (and his wife) I get to see every few years.
  • Several “prayer colleagues” who make up a National team.
  • A mentor I spend time with on the phone regularly, but only occasionally see face to face.
  • A long-term missionary and former classmate at the Bible College we attended.
  • A faithful city-servant seeking to see Jesus’ John 17 prayer become more of a reality in a significant city.

Reconnecting with these people has been a great encouragement to me.  I love that fact that they are still the same people I met but yet they are more than they used to be.  They are now further down the road.  They have far more experiences than they used to have.  They have more wrinkles and gray hair.  They are, in short, I better version of what they used to be.

I have been encouraged by them, blessed by them, challenged by them, and motivated by them.   I think they make me a better version of what I used to be as well.

Reconnecting is good.

Thank you, Tychicus

(See Eph 6:21)

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