"Tychicus will tell you everything." Ephesians 6:21

April 1st, 2016 by Dennis Fuqua

He who has ears…

Hearing is a good thing…

For several years I Earshave known this day would come.  I have been saying, “What?” or “Say that again.” or “Huh?” or “Could you repeat that?” quite a bit in recent months.  So, yesterday, I got these little guys and I hope they help me cut down on my vocabulary a bit.

They are a bit inconvenient and rather intrucive.  I end up hearing my voice and extraneous sounds much louder.  (Do you knjow how loud a key in the door can be?  Or the sound your coat makes when you take if off the hanger?)  But, they say I will get used to them soon.  So, I am hoping that the pay-off will be worth what I paid.

Wearing these hearing aids has caused me to wish there were some devices I could purchase to increase my spiritual hearing.  How cool would that be!  I could pay some money, insert a device into the ears of my heart and wallah(!) I could hear the voice of the Holy Spirit much better.  Pretty cool!

So, it is not instanteous, you can’t purchase it, and it is not a device, but there is a process we can all be involved in to increase or (“aid”) our spiritual hearing.  In fact, I think we could say there is such a thing as a “spiritual hearing aid.”  That process is meditation.

Meditation is the process of the Holy Spirit writing His Word on our hearts.  It is the process of hearing and agreeing with what He is speaking to ears of our hearts.  The more we do it, the better we get at hearing.

Isn’t God good to not have a list price on this?  Anyone wh ois willing to “pay the price” can afford it.  There is some inconvenience and even some intrusion that goes along with it.  You may hear some extraneous sounds along the way.  And it takes a bit of getting used to, as well,  but if you stick with it, your hearing will increase.  The pay-off will be worth far more than what you pay.

Now, here is a plug if you want more information about this process.  Check it out here!  (PS There is a list price to this one…)

Thank you, Tychicus

(See Eph 6:21)

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