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May 27th, 2016 by Dennis Fuqua

Counting on Technology

So, on a recent Sunday morning, I was ready to preach.  This time, my notes were on my computer in a PowerPoint  format.  Shortly before I was to begin preaching, I opened my laptop with the thought of gettiLaptopng things all set.  But…  but… but… the screen didn’t look the same.  In fact it gave me a message I wasn’t familiar with and didn’t like.  It was something about it couldn’t load the operating system.  I am not a IT guy, but I knew this was not good news.  Within a few days, my son-in-law (an IT guy) had replaced the hard drive even though none of the files on it were retrievable.

The hearing aids worked great…  when they worked.  They connected to my phone while driving, they “Blue toothed” to my phone so I could hear videos, music, etc.  And they even allowed me to hear my grandchildren better!  My “Huh? factor” diminished.  But… but.. but.. they did not work all the time.  They were very inconsistent.  One phone call would work great, the next would not.  Sometime one ear would work, sometimes I could hear in both ears.  And for everything to work properly, all the batteries needed to be charged.

These are two recent times when technology has failed me.  And the fail has cost me time, money, energy and convenience.

I am not opposed to technology.  But, here’s the deal.  I am grateful that God is not a “techno-God!”  I’m grateful that He does not have a hard drive, does not need to be “synced,” and does not need charging.  Wires, components, batteries, and circuits are not needed.

With Him, it is still about relationship and conversation.  It’s about knowing Him and being known by Him.  It’s about walking with Him and enjoying Him.  It’s about face to Face time rather than Face Time.

I am not opposed to technology, but I sure appreciate the personal nature of our God.

Thank you, Tychicus

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  1. Carol Moller says

    Amen to that about God, Dennis!

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