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July 27th, 2016 by Dennis Fuqua

Cousins’ Camp 2016

Here it is again!

This will be the 8th July in which the most important ministry opportunity Marilyn and I have is with our grandkids.


Our Cousins’ Camp takes place this July 29-August 1.  Two grandparents, 4 days, 9 grandkids, 110 paper plates, countless laughs, and (hopefully) eternal impact.

I have other local ministry opportunities – such as meeting with pastors and prayer leaders, communicating via email and phone with folks around the county, scheming and praying about expanding the kingdom of God, getting away and doing some reflecting and writing, preaching and leading meetings – but nothing more important than ministering to these lives.

This year’s theme is “God the Father Made Us.”  We get to talk about God making everything out of nothing, how He made BIG stuff – like the planets! And how He made little stuff – like DNA and cells.  Then we get to talk about how we and others have dignity because we are made in His image.  And also how He created us either boys or girls.  All this and hand picked blackberry cobbler with home made ice cream!  Ya wanna come?  Sorry!

Thank you, Tychicus

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  1. Carol abd I have our daughters’ families with us for my dad’s Remembrance Gathering … And all 4 grandkids are together. Not a full-blown Coysins Camp, but several important moments I believe they will cherish as they grow up and grow into Christ

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