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August 8th, 2016 by Dennis Fuqua


So, on July 12th I got a phone call.  A friend had been walking with a pastor in our area (also a friend) who had developed a “retirement plan.”  After 24 years of pastoring this congregation, he was going to step down “sometime in 2017.”  He gave the congregation plenty of time to process and get things moving toward their next Lead Pastor.

But then, things changed.  The pastor discovered he had some additional health issues happening and he and his wife made the decision to step down right away.

My friend asked if I would consider being the part-time interim pastor for a few months.  I have preached several times at this congregation so we know each other a bit.  I would still maintain my responsibilities with IRM and also CCPC, but also preach there, do some leadership development, and care for the sheep.

Within the next couple days, I had spoken with all the key players including my wife, their elders, the IRM board, and a couple trusted friends.  As we prayed, it seemed all indications were that this was God’s assignment for me.  So, the following Sunday, July 17th, the announcements were made at this congregation that their pastor was wrapping it up and that I would be serving them for a few months.

Having never served as an interim pastor, I began to ask God and read a bit about it.  As I did, the word, “and” seemed to describe the responsibilities quite well.

So, the following Sunday, as I began to preach, I shared that the word “and” is a conjunction that connects a series of facts.  That is what I wanted to do.  They have a very good past… AND… I believe they have a very good future.  One pastor has served them well… AND… another pastor will also serve them well.  They have developed ways of doing things… AND… they will discover new ways of doing things.  They have been blessed… AND. they will be blessed.

I don’t want to be an “or” or a “but.”   I want to be a good “and” to connect these saints to their future.

So, I would appreciate your prayers as I walk with these saints as “Pastor Dennis” again.

Thank you, Tychicus

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One Response to “…and…”
  1. Steve Rosier says

    I know the church family is blessed to have your support, wisdom and love. I pray God will do “exceedingly above” anything we could imagine.

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