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January 10th, 2018 by Dennis Fuqua

Moments Matter

I am grateful it wasn’t worse.  It could have been much worse.

The first thing I noticed was that my right shoe came off as I was turning around to go back down the escalator.  Why was I going down the escalator?

I was at the San Jose airport recently, coming home from the Modesto Prayer Summit.  I had some extra time, so I made a couple phone calls before I went through security.  There was a piano nearby.  As I was wrapping up a conversation, someone began playing the piano.  So, I grabbed my carryons and began to move toward the escalator.  I finished the call before I stepped on.  But that is when I realized I had left my wallet (my phone cover with my cards, etc. in it) on a table near where I was sitting.

So, responding to my first reaction, I determined it would be best to walk back down the 6 or so “steps” of the escalator and retrieve my wallet.  So… the first thing I noticed was that my right shoe came off as I was turning around to go back down the escalator.

It only took just a moment, but it seemed I was in slow motion.  I knew I was falling.  I did.  I knew I was going to hit my mouth on the hand railing.  I did.  I knew my bags were coming with me.  They did.   I ended up looking and feeling like a turtle stuck on his back with all four legs up in the air.  My shoe was over there, the bags were sort of on top of me, and the guy wanting onto the escalator looked at me and said, “Are you okay?”

It could have been much worse, but my response was, “I guess I am going up…” followed by laughter.

By the time got to the next floor, I had gotten up, slipped my shoe back on, gathered my luggage and stepped onto “terra firma.”

Yes, I did retrieve my wallet and spent quite a bit of time chuckling to myself about what had just happened.  The swelling in my lip went down fairly quickly.  The red spot on my head will go away soon.  My hip and arms will be fine after the achiness goes away.

But moments matter!  One moment, I was ridding an escalator to my gate.  The next moment I was not sure what happened!

My prayer since then has been that all my moments would matter for Him and His kingdom!

Thank you, Tychicus

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One Response to “Moments Matter”
  1. Steven Rosier says

    Life has its ups and downs! Thanks for sharing how quickly things can change as well as we can trust the Lord in every change!

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