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June 6th, 2018 by Dennis Fuqua

Watching Moses

This morning, I watched Moses ascend the sacred mountain and get the two tablets written in God’s own  handwriting.  Then, I watched as he came back down the mountain and broke them because the people already had broken them.  Then, I saw him dialogue (argue?) with God and convince Him not to wipe out all of Israel.  When God agreed, Moses ask to see His glory – and God showed it to him!  It was quite a sight.  I stepped back, just to be safe!  He got some more tablets, ascended a second time – this time he wrote on them instead of God.

No, I wasn’t watching a Hollywood DVD, I was watching on the screen of my mind.

Last year, during the incident with my infected backbone, I came to a place where I didn’t even have enough energy to read my Bible.  Weeks past without me opening and reading it.  I tried to pray, but literally would fall asleep within a minute or two.  It was not a good time.

I remember the time, at the end of May in 2017, I had a clear thought; “I can at least listen to the Bible on my phone!”  So, I began listening… and found that loved it!  I didn’t listen while doing other things.  I set time aside, leaned back in my chair, turned on my phone, closed my eyes, and watched what I was hearing.

I had never interacted with Scripture like this before.  I “saw” new things, heard old things in a fresh way, and was greatly encouraged.  So much so that, after I recovered, I continued to listen.  So, now, just over a year later, I have begun going through the Bible a second time.  Max McLean is “reading me a story” every morning.  This morning, he read (and I watched) Moses in action.

If you have not listened to Scripture recently, or if you are looking for a fresh way to interact with it, I encourage you to pursue this.  Both Bible Gateway & You Version have free audio versions available.  I am sure many other Bible Apps do as well.

Thank you, Tychicus

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