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March 24th, 2023 by Dan

Learning from Mary (and Martha)

In my book Strengthen Your Prayer Life, there are so many characters from the Bible that I “interview” about their approach to prayer. “Talking” with Mary (who sat at Jesus’ feet to learn from him), there’s much I imagine she would say:

“When you talk to Jesus, it’s not a good idea to think that just because you feel like you are left alone to do the work, that Jesus doesn’t care. After all, he is the most loving and caring being you will ever come across! So, if you feel like that, there may be something else going on.” (93)

Mary’s Prayer: “Father, we certainly remember the request of the disciples to teach them to pray. Now I want to ask that You would teach us to listen. Help us to value Your words more than our words. Help us to listen to You before we speak to You. Help us to pay more attention to what Your want to say to us than what we want to say to You. Help us to listen well so we can pray well.” (94)

“…prayer works best after we listen… to the degree we listen well, to that same degree we can pray well.” (94)

Mary, her sister Martha, and all of those who followed Jesus have much wisdom to offer us in how we approach our God in prayer! You will glean truths from several Biblical characters and their experience and teaching that will help you in Strengthen Your Prayer Life.

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